Sunday, 18 October 2015

"How to Stab a Jew" being taught to Palestinian children

There are some news you hear that just makes you cringe and this ranks high on that list-- Palestinian children being taught how to stab Jews with picture illustrations.

"Palestinian leaders have established an incubator to raise children as terrorists," said Israel's UN ambassador Danny Danon.

In a similar vein, terrorists have been posting "How to Stab a Jew" tutorials on the internet — fueling the unrest between Palestinians and Israelis.

A few weeks ago, YouTube removed a video that encouraged stabbing attacks against Israelis, while Twitter users continue to use an Arabic hashtag, "Slaughtering the Jews," to promote stabbings, according to the Anti-Defamation League.

"When a Palestinian child returns from school and opens (sic) the TV, he doesn't see Barney or Donald Duck, he sees murderers portrayed as heroes. When he opens a textbook, he doesn't learn about math and science, he's being taught to hate," he said.

Sometimes I can't help but wonder how some people become totally consumed with evil and now, it seems they are not content to do so alone-- they just have to poison others including children too.

Will we ever have peace when new generations are being taught to hate?

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