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How I almost lost my relative at St. Nicholas Hospital- Yomi Adeosun

Yomi Adeosun is a graduate of the Lagos University Teaching Hospital (LUTH). She did her mid-wifery in 1982 and concluded her nursing course in 1985 before running her public health programme in 1989/90. At the peak of her career, Adeosun worked with seasoned doctors in top Nigerian hospitals and was a tutor at the Nigerian Army School of Midwifery before she retired from the Nigerian Army School of Medical Science (formerly known as Armed Forces Medical Services (AFMS).

Alarmed at reports of blunders in the medical profession resulting in deaths of patients that otherwise have no reason dying, Adeosun reacted to the recent death of On Air Personality and Relationship Coach, late Mr. Charles Bruce Chukuma, popularly known as Chaz B and recalled the near death of a member of her family at the same hospital. Excerpts:

The near victim is my sister-in-law but my brother didn’t want a press issue because his employers has a relationship with St. Nicholas hospital. But immediately I learnt of the circumstances that led to the death of Chaz B in the same hospital, I realised how close we were to losing our wife early this year and I felt that no matter how it is going to be said, it has to be said, so that these people can get their acts together and treat people better.

My sister-in-law went there for a mayomectomy, that means she wanted to remove fibroid from her uterus, and from my own background in medicine, if you go to hospital and you want to do a mayomectomy, the hospital must have blood ready.

It was the absence of ready blood that killed May Eileen Ezekiel (MEE), the talk show woman and publisher of Classique magazine; she did a mayomectomy and she bled to death, and there are other people who die unmentioned.

Because the uterus has a lot of blood vessels, if they’re unable to control the blood vessel or if the bleeding cannot be stopped, it can be dangerous and that was what happened to MEE.

Now our wife had a mayomectomy a day before at St. Nicholas hospital. My brother told me that they needed blood and since I am a blood donor, I went there the following day. When I got there, they told me they would come and pick me from the blood bank to go and check, that was when I stopped by to see my sister-in-law and saw that she was paper white, very pale.

Alarmed, I asked what the matter was. Have they taken your PCV? (Packed cell volume), she said yes, that they said her PCV was low, that they will transfuse her with blood, since yesterday and they haven’t done so.

I further learnt that one doctor even had to donate blood for her yesterday when she had the mayomectomy; that the thing entered tissue and the nurses said the doctor will come and put it back.

I shouted, since yesterday? And you’re this pale? So I went to the nurses, they said yes, that the doctor is coming, that is why they want the blood, so that immediately that one finishes, they will give another so we left for the lab. I called my brother and he met me at the blood bank.

It was then I learnt that my brother who has a donor’s card was with them yesterday and the nurses argued over his blood group. My brother told them, “I am ‘AB’ same blood group with my wife, because in our place of work, they check our genotype and it is written in our record,” but they told him that he was something else. He insisted that is not his blood group, they said they have checked it, that it is not his blood group. He phoned their medical personnel that relates with Saint Nicolas, the man checked his record and told them that the man’s blood group is ‘AB’, they said no, that it didn’t correspond with their record.

I said no problem; I am a donor, my driver also is a donor; if you go to Lagos State they will give us blood. The nurses argued again that they don’t have blood, the state hospital staffs are on strike; they gave different excuses but I said; this person needs blood!

So I left them there and went to Lagos State hospital. I didn’t even know they were at the top of Island Maternity building, so I got there and told them I am a donor and now my relation has need of blood.

The Lagos State officials were nice; they said since I am donor, they will give us one pint and I should not pay for it. But the nurse said I cannot take the blood away like that, that I should go back to St. Nicolas and tell them to come and take the blood because there is a way that they do it.

“It took St. Nicholas nurses so long to follow me; they even said I should be going, but I refused and reminded them that I came because of the blood, so I stayed there. I made surethat they brought the blood back to the hospital and set up the blood because the blood one of the doctors donated for my sister-in-law the previous day, the nurses could not account for it.

“With all the fuss I made, they did not transfuse the blood. When I asked to know the patient’s PCV, they said somebody was using the folder; I said okay I will wait. I waited and waited, it did not come. Then I asked the nurse, is that nurse not the one writing report? Just check there and tell me the PCV, I have the right to know my patient’s report.

In short, they did not put up that blood till I left. I was not happy at all and I told them that.

There was another drama that transpired outside the hospital wards.

The very first thing that happened is, when I got to St. Nicolas, I wanted to drive up to park, the security men said I can’t pack there, that I have to go through the front door, but the men at the gate now said that my driver should go to City Hall and give them N200 to park there.

I asked why? You are a hospital; you have car pack upstairs, why can’t I park there? They started a long story that it became clear to me the security men were sourcing customers to other parks and they probably get commission.

Immediately I entered I started making noise, they began to apologise but I insisted I want to speak to someone of authority. They said I should write a letter and I demanded for paper; there and then I wrote and complained to them.

If it is an emergency, you are going to ask me to walk all the way to City Hall to park? You are the people that cannot even provide blood; by the time I drop my patient and I go to look for area boys that will keep my car when you have parking space in this building, if it is an emergency, what will happen to my patient?

So I wrote all these down; dropped my phone number and my email and Dr. Bamigboye himself replied few days later. This is copy of his email to me:

Forwarded message ———-
From: Mr Kunle Bamigboye <>
Date: Wed, 14 Jan 2015 13:00:33 +0100

Dear Mrs Adeosun,

Compliments of the season.

Your letter on the above subject acknowledged.

We regret our inability to meet the daily car park space requirement for our
clients/visitors of our clients.

This is due to space constraints and parking restrictions on Lagos Island.

We sincerely value your comments and will continue to search for ways to
ameliorate the car park space challenge.

We count on your understanding in this regard.

Thank you.

Kunle Bamigboye
Head, Administrations
St Nicholas Hospital
57 Campbell Street, Lagos, Nigeria.

What could be the way out?

Until you make them pay, they will continue like this; they no longer take human life seriously, which is very unprofessional.

When I was working at LUTH, my cousin who was also in healthcare department was picking a woman from the labor room to the ward and this woman knocked her hand on the lift door; my cousin said sorry, I hope no problem? And the woman said no problem.

The following day, the matron on duty saw the patient massaging her hand with rub, and she inquired what was wrong; she said she hit her hand on the lift door yesterday when she was being brought from the labour room. My cousin was given a memo, and she almost lost her position there because she didn’t report the incident. So no matter how insignificant, you must mention it in your report.

So such skills are not sharpened in the hospitals anymore and people are not held to account. Consider the doctor that donated his blood for my wife, is he not a doctor? He donated for his patient because he knew that this patient must have the blood; he knew the implication, that was why he donated the blood and he knew that it was his blood group, so he donated it, but the people that he left there spoilt the blood and didn’t care until I showed up.

Medicine generally is practical; you will have to develop your skill from doing something. Late Chaz B’s wife said the nurse found it difficult to get a vein.

Can you imagine? A nurse that is in the bush would easily get a vein if she is doing it all the time: it is as simple as that. A doctor that is not experienced has to develop the skill; that is why I am insisting that he should have been under supervision.

I worked with professor Bello Osagie in his hospital for two years and we had a lot of fibroid removal operations. During the time I was there, he even brought in other doctors that brings in their patient into our hospital; they also did mayomectomy. In that hospital till I left, we never lost a patient, but there was a case of this woman that had multiple fibroid, when she was opened up and we saw the condition of the uterus, they said they had to remove the uterus and they did, because of bleeding, and she survived.

Doctors need to wake up to their responsibilities and to their calling.

Culled from Daily Times

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