Monday, 26 October 2015

FUNAAB Students Plan Protest Over Colleague's Death, Accuse School's Clinic of Negligence

A student of the Federal University of Agriculture, Akure, Maria Atere passed away recently after suffering  injuries in a road traffic accident.

Her colleagues allege she could have survived if the school's doctor had written a reference letter in time and if the school's ambulance had conveyed her to a tertiary hospital.

One of her colleagues wrote the circumstances surrounding her demise:

"It is with a heavy heart that we announce the passing on of Hon. Maria Atere, a 400 level student of Plant physiology and Crop production.

She was involved in an accident along Camp- School gate road, Ogun-Osun axis. Her bike was hit by a car. She was immediately rushed to a Hospital at camp 'Ideal clinic', the doctor on seeing her condition told the Funaabite that accompanied her that she needed to be taken to Federal Medical Centre (FMC) Abeokuta.

The Funaabite in turn contacted Funaabsu President who sent some of the Excos with the Union bus to check on her, while he went to the school's health centre to get a referral letter for Hon Maria to be taken to FMC, but the doctor instead asked that she should brought to the health centre before he can issue any letter. The President explained to him that it was a  critical situation and that bringing her to the health centre going to result in time wastage. Still, the doctor didn't budge and refused to write the letter.

The doctor at Ideal Clinic instead wrote the letter and she was conveyed to FMC with Funaabsu bus, along with Ogun NANS Bus instead of the school's ambulance. The bus got there within 10mins.

She was announced dead moments after she was taken to FMC. An hour later after we had lost Hon. Maria, the school's Ambulance called that they were at camp.

It would not have taken the doctor at the school's health center to write a referral letter and order the school's ambulance to take her there. The negligence by our University Health Centre must stop.

Greatest Nigerian studenrs, there's going to be a protest by Funaab student union at the University Gate tomorrow by 6am. Please let us all come out en masse."

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