Tuesday, 13 October 2015

Dummies and Thumb Sucking Delay A Baby's Speech- Research

Giving a baby a dummy slows their ability to understand and use language, according to research. The study also suggests toddlers who suck their thumbs are at greater risk of delayed speech development.

The findings, published in Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, add to growing evidence that parents who give their toddlers dummies could be ‘buying themselves’ peace and quiet at the expense of their child’s development.
In the study, teething toys were placed in the mouths of six-month-old English-learning babies while they listened to different Hindi ‘d’ sounds. Hindi has two ‘d’ sounds whereas English has only one.
When the dummies restricted movements of the tip of the tongue, the babies were unable to tell the two ‘d’ sounds apart. But when their tongues were free to move, they made the distinction.

Professor Janet Werker, of British Columbia University in Canada, said: ‘The freedom to make small gestures with their tongue and other articulators may be an important factor in babies’ perception of sounds.’

Dr Alison Bruderer, of British Columbia University in Canada, added: 'Until now research in speech perception development and language acquisition has primarily used the auditory experience as the driving factor

Previous research has shown toddlers who use dummies are three times more likely to suffer from speech impediments as they grow up. Scientists found pre-school children who had used a pacifier for at least three years are more likely to have difficulties talking than children who don’t use them.

Dentists have also previously claimed extended use of dummies deforms teeth.

It goes without saying you should cut down on pacifier time. Don't you agree?

Source- Daily Mail UK

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