Saturday, 24 October 2015

Controversial Danish 'Penis Doctor' Mentored Man Accused of Female Genital Mutuliation

Peter Frederiksen
A Danish man, Peter Frederiksen, 63, was arrested last month in Lesotho after his wife reported to the police that he had drugged her and cut off her genitalia.

When the police  raided his house, they found 21 labeled plastic bags in his freezer containing genitalia from 21 different women including his wife.  Several surgical equipment, anaesthetics and a large collection of photographs of female genital mutuliation (FGM) were confiscated at his residence.

Some of the confiscated items
Masilela Langa, a police spokesman, said he had kept a record of every body part, who it belonged to and when it was removed and his first alleged victim was in 2010.

In an old interview, Frederiksen had admitted to performing genital mutilation and claimed to have been taught by controversial doctor Jorn Ege a.k.a 'Dr. Penis.'

Frederiksen claimed: 'I met him [Ege] at Skodsborg Strandvej for a dinner. And I say, "I might have a customer for you. I know a girl in Copenhagen and she'd love to have made a cosmetic intervention, but she would want me to make it".'

It was then he was shown how to carry out the procedure by Dr Ege, a.k.a 'Dr Penis.'
Danish plastic surgeon Jørn Ege Siana, or the “penis-doctor” is well known in Denmark for running a beauty clinic specializing in breast augmentation and penis enlargement, which gave him the nickname "penis-doctor". He once lost his medical licence in Sweden and Denmark due to a forgery conviction and served two years in prison.

Frederiksen has been charged with sexual assault, intimidation, domestic violence and contravention of the Medicines Control Act and is currently in custody pending his trial next month.

Meanwhile his wife, Anna Matseliso Molise, a key witness in the case against Frederiksen was gunned down this week while leaving her home in Lesotho in an assassination-style killing.

She was shot four times in the upper body on Tuesday night and died the following day.
ANC Women's League after Frederiksen's bail hearing
Frederiksen is also a gun dealer who is wanted in Denmark on charges of illegal firearm dealing.

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