Friday, 2 October 2015

Chinese Woman Imprisoned For Brutally Beating A Boy

Li Zhengqin (pictured above third from right) expressed in court that she was merely teaching her son a lesson
Li Zhengqin in Court
A former journalist, Li Zhengqin, 48, was sentenced to 6 months in jail, this week in Nanjing, eastern China, after admitting to beating her adopted son. Li insists she did not violate any law because she was merely trying to teach the child a lesson, after he lied about his academic grading.
The nine-year-old son, known as Xiaohu suffered from more than 150 wounds on his body in April after he was whipped first with a scratching rake then a skipping rope because, according to the mother, he lied about his academic grading and cheated in a school exam.
Shocking: Li's nine-year-old son had over 150 wounds on his body (pictured) after he was whipped in April

Surprisingly, the child's biological mother, Zhang, who is also Li Zhengqin's cousin supprts her cousin and wrote a note to that effect urging the authorities to drop all criminal charges against her cousin. She also wishes Xiaohu could go back to live with Li in Nanjing so his life could return to normal.

Horrific: The nine-year-old child was first whipped by Li with a scratching rake then with a skipping rope

As a child I also received so many beatings to make me fall in line too. But this beating, is way over the top to be nomal, even here in Nigeria.

Maybe she deserves to go to jail.

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