Monday, 19 October 2015

Chinese man gets his genitals stuck in a nut, refuses to tell doctors how it happened

An unnamed man arrived at a hospital in Yulin, northern China, with the unfortunate predicament of having his genitals trapped in a steel nut.

Doctors were at a loss as to the best way of treating the man's unusual condition and had to call in firemen to help, reported People's Daily Online.

After a two and half hour surgery, the man was finally freed.

According to reports, the 28-year-old man, who appeared to be in extreme pain, arrived at Yulin Sunshine Hospital around 8am on October 15.

After a period of embarrassment, he revealed to doctors that he had his penis trapped in a steel nut and it had been lodged for more than 10 hours. It had already become swollen and red. 

He was said to have tried to saw the nut off at home but did not manage to get very far. Unfortunately, doctors at the hospital were unable to help the man and had to call in the fire department, who brought the power tools used to eventually free the man.

Huang Jinzhong, the doctor in charge of the operation, said: 'This is an unusual operation. It involves the man's physiological condition and quality of life.' 
Several methods were devised before the doctors and firemen settled on sawing the bolt off.
The man's genitals had to be secured in place.

Due to the high temperatures involved in the sawing process, cold water had to be continuously dripped on to the operation area.

After two and half hours of rescue work, the nut finally gave way. The man was taken to recovery but it is thought he has not sustained any long term injury.

Dr Huang explained later that if the man had been trapped any longer, he would have lost the use of his genitals. 

The man is said to be married and working in logistics. However, he has so far refused to reveal how he got his genitals trapped in the nut. The diameter of the nut is also unknown but it is thought to be very small. 

I really wonder what he was doing with the nut. Don't you too?

Source- Daily Mail

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