Saturday, 3 October 2015

Britain: Junior Doctors Furious Over Pay Cuts

No doubt about it, doctors are in for some tough times. From Canada, to Nigeria, and now Britain, doctors are dealing with pay cuts and unfair contracts. And just like LUTH, junior doctors are once again under the gun. The term “Junior doctor” encompasses all doctors who are not consultants or fully fledged General Practitioners.

In the last few weeks, junior doctors in Britain were told the British government planned to impose a new contract on them.

With the new contract, doctors face a pay cut of up to 30% combined with longer days and more unsociable hours. Also, Saturday will be classed as a normal working day (7am - 10pm) and pay will no longer match the experience junior doctors’ gain through their training. In addition, doctors will be financially penalised if they take time out to have a baby, go part time, or do research.

There are fears in many quarters that the new contract may cause many doctors to consider leaving the NHS to work abroad and this could spell disaster for the NHS.

Meanwhile, the British Medical Association plans to ballot its members for an industrial action.

Waiting to see how this plays out.

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