Sunday, 25 October 2015

Beyonce & Rihanna Called Out For ‘Whitening’ Their Skin By Singer Mica Paris

Mica Paris
Singer Mica Paris threw some dangerous accusations at stars like Beyonce and Rihanna, alleging that these powerful women of color have lightened their skin to appear “more caucasian.” What a disgusting thought!

Mica Paris penned an inflammatory op-ed for Daily Mail that alleged something serious: stars like Beyonce, Rihanna, Jennifer Lopez, and even Iman, have been whitening their skin because they’re ashamed of their natural color. Click through to read Mica’s bizarre reasoning.

“The moment I saw the photos, I thought [Beyonce] looked different somehow,” Mica wrote, describing pics of Bey at a New York appearance. “Closer inspection confirmed the reason — not only was her skin paler than ever, but her features seemed more refined. Whether down to clever contoured make-up or a skillful surgeon’s knife, the bridge of her nose seemed slimmer, giving her face a more pointed appearance. And the overall result? Let’s not beat around the bush here: what with the tumbling blonde hair and all, the world’s highest-paid black music star of all time looked more, well, Caucasian.”

Wow. What Mica is accusing Beyonce of can not be taken lightly. Without basis behind her claim, it’s extremely offensive to say that Beyonce’s intentionally changing her appearance to seem more white. Beyonce’s allowed to style herself any way she wants, blonde hair and all; and let’s not forget that appearance is altered with makeup, as well as in different light. In front of the flash of tons of cameras on a red carpet, it’s totally plausible to look a bit washed out.

Mica went on to accuse Rihanna of the same, highlighting a blonde hairstyle she wore in 2012. Wow. Nobody was safe from Mica’s rant. “It’s the reason, in my view, that other stars, including the Hispanic Eva Longoria and Jennifer Lopez, appear to have reached for the skin-lightening cream,” Mica wrote. “I have no doubt that the widely held belief that to be darker makes you in some way inferior is to blame for this trend — something that undoubtedly harks way back to the days of colonialism and slavery, where the children born of affairs with masters were granted better jobs on account of their paler skin.”

Mica is correct in her assertion that many believe darker means inferior, and that’s been the case for a long time, it’s reprehensible that she’s accusing these women of subscribing to this belief themselves. She doesn’t know them, and has no idea of their beliefs or even beauty practices! To say that they’re
attempting to warp their entire appearances is horrifying.

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