Tuesday, 20 October 2015

Be Inspired!

Hey you!

Yes, you...this post is for you. Make the choice to follow your dreams right now. Don't be afraid to step out of you comfort zone.

I'll share my little story on how I learnt to make purses and I hope it encourages you.

I always wanted to make purses because I loved them so much but didn't know how to. I had no clue how to start or what to use. Then I remembered what someone told me, "Everything you need to be/do whatever you want is right where you are."

I mulled on it for some minutes till I completely believed it, took a look around my house and said, "everything I need to make a purse is right here in this house".

So I took an old pillow case, tore it up and started hand stitching. I could not complete the project and had to take my unfinished project to a tailor. He completed it and I added accessories to it. I sold that purse to a friend for N3000 and thus my foray into sewing started. I bought a sewing machine determined to learn because I believed if that tailor could do it, I could too even though I had zero sewing skills.

I had to deal with several broken needles, wasted fabric, abandoned projects and repeatedly threading my machine.  I kept going no matter how frustrating it was. Eventually, I mastered sewing purses and made some money from the business. I sold purses to my colleagues and friends and made a tidy profit. Business was pretty cool.

The point of my story is "Start". Start no matter how small or challenging the task is. Believe you can and you will.

"Do what you can, with what you have, right where you are."

Have a lovely day!

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