Thursday, 22 October 2015

Appalling video shows man's ears infested with dozens of fly larvae

A gruesome video has emerged showing the moment a man had his ear flushed out after dozens of fly larvae had nested inside.

In the clip, the man is seen itching and poking at his ear as a doctor prepares to begin the procedure.

The video was reportedly captured on an endoscope at a hospital in Sax Xin Nan Lu, in the Guangdong Province of China on October 14.

After locating the larvae, the doctor immediately begins the task of removing the tiny insects.

The condition, infestation of the ear with fly larvae is known as aural myasis. It is quite common in tropical regions like Nigeria and in people who work with animals.

Myiasis varies widely in the forms it takes and its effects on the victims. Such variations depend largely on the fly species and where the larvae are located.

Risk factors for myiasis in humans are chronic suppurative otitis media, low socioeconomic status, swimming in stagnant water, and diabetes mellitus. Other possible predisposing factors include neglected children, old age, mental retardation, and poor personal hygiene.

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