Monday, 28 September 2015

Doctor faces sack over "privates" selfie

A female doctor in Malaysia is in big trouble after an incriminating picture of her grinning and making a 'V for victory' sign with her other hand in a female patient's genitalia surfaced on Facebook.

The picture was uploaded by a Facebook user Kak Long Di Sini who claimed to have received the picture from her friend who was enraged by the action of the irresponsible doctor that went against the profession’s etiquette, in addition to being insensitive.

Although it is very clear the doctor did not take the image herself, the image was widely criticised as yet another abuse of selfies in the medical profession.

Meanwhile, the doctor is being investigated by the medical ethics committee before any disciplinary action is taken but Malaysia's health minister Dr Seri Subra promised swift action to punish the doctor.

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