Wednesday, 3 June 2015

Nigeria to destroy N417m HIV, Malaria Drugs

This is as bad as it sounds- The Federal Ministry of Health plans to destroy drugs worth N417m.

Were the drugs fake or of poor quality? No. They were actually very good drugs with some being donations by the Clinton Foundation.

It was reported that the drugs, acquired between 2011 and 2012, were left undistributed to hospitals and Primary Health Centres until they expired.
The drugs include antibiotics, HIV and tuberculosis medications as well as HIV test kits.

It was discovered that some of the drugs were purchased when Mrs Fatima Bamidele and Louis Awite served as Permanent Secretaries in the Health Ministry.

I feel it's really sad that in a country with inadequate medications especially for TB and HIV, that medication worth this much will be destroyed.

It's a fact that many lives could have been saved if these drugs were given out for free before they expired. 

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