Thursday, 7 May 2015

World's first: A severed spinal cord is reattached

The first ever successful reattachment of a severed spinal cord has been carried out in a dog called Joshua who is now learning to walk again.

Joshua was rescued by British vets Michelle Jones and Jayne Jones from Bulgaria two years ago where they found him dumped by the side of the road with terrible injuries.

The pair took him to the Nova Clinic in Sofia, where expert vets agreed to try surgery never before successfully achieved to repair the crippled canine's spinal cord nerve.
Joshua pulled through, and - after a further six months at the clinic - was considered well enough to travel to the UK last year. 

And now, following advanced hydrotherapy training in which he builds up his leg muscles in a swimming pool, he is now able to both feel and move his back legs - a sensation no human or animal has ever experienced following paralysis.

Muscle still has to build up on Joshua's legs before he will be able to run and jump again, but in the meantime he gets around using a specially adapted wheelchair.

The two-wheeled frame cradles his rear legs, while also working them to help increase his strength.

Hopefully, this success will be replicated in humans. It would be really be a lifesaver for all those who lost use of their limbs and normal system functions due to spinal injury.

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