Sunday, 3 May 2015

Nurse loses both breasts to hospital mix-up

Nurse Elizabeth Dawes was told she had a Grade 3 invasive tumour in her breast and had a lumpectomy and bilateral breast lift at New Cross Hospital, in Wolverhampton, where she worked in the oncology department.

But four days later the 39-year-old was told she never had cancer, and had been misdiagnosed due to a ‘mix-up’ with notes.

She said, "I was very sore after the operation and shocked by the extensive scaring, so to be recalled four days later to be told none of it was necessary was truly horrendous."

“I am still in pain now, I've  lost a lot of sensation in my breasts and the scarring has not improved, which hugely affects my self-confidence.”

Elizabeth, who has an 18-year-old son, has been left so traumatised by the ordeal she said she has been forced to give up her job at the hospital.

She is now taking legal action against the Royal Wolverhampton NHS Trust.

A spokesman for the Royal Wolverhampton NHS Trust said: “The Medical Director and Nurse Director met with Ms Dawes to offer her an unreserved apology for this terrible error and inform her of the Trust’s investigation into the incident.

In another case in Canada, a young girl had had her normal ovaries removed by a doctor.

This sort of experience must be part of everyone's list of worst nightmares but it's a wake-up call for us all to always seek a second opinion before undergoing surgery. 

Remember, health professionals are human and not infallible.

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