Saturday, 2 May 2015

(Video) Bulgarian midwife violently assaults 4 day old baby

Unbelievably callous action right in the hospital!

A midwife from Sofiamed hospital in Bulgaria, Emiliya Kovacheva, is under arrest after video surveillance showed her beating a 4 day old girl. The brutal attack happened on the morning of April 18. Kovacheva began to hit the baby with her hands and also a glass baby bottle. She even attempted to strangle the baby within seconds of gently caring for other infants in the room.
Kovacheva admitted her actions to the police and has been charged with attempted murder of a baby. It is not yet known what caused the nurse to attack the infant as she did.

The incident was brought to public attention on Thursday and has left the nation, as well as the hospital, shocked. The hospital released a statement saying that until the shocking incident, “Kovacheva had previously had an impeccable professional record.”

Dr. Valeri Netsov, head of obstetrics and gynaecology at Sofiamed stated, “We did not tell each other anything, everyone cried and could not believe this was the person they had worked with. “She was one of our best midwives. There were no complaints ever filed against her. When she worked the night shift, we knew everything would be done the right way. She is not prone to conflicts, has a sense of humour and is a nice woman.”

Manager of Sofiamed, Dr. Yordan Pelev, said the hospital is going to install a new countermeasure to prevent things such as this from occurring again. He stated, “We will introduce a new kind of video surveillance due to which mothers will be able to watch round-the-clock what happens to their babies through a personal code while they are on the territory of the medical establishment.”

Deputy Health Minister Boyko Penkov held a press conference Friday morning and television showed him stating that the baby girl, named ‘Nikol’ was now in another hospital and had begun to move to a more stable condition.

Source- News Hub

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