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Treat Haemorrhoids At Home With Simple Remedies

Haemorrhoids (Jedi-Jedi) are painful swollen veins in your anal cannel or rectum which usually result from constipation and can cause itching, rectal bleeding and discomfort. There are several ways to treat this condition at home and here are some proven techniques that you can use:


First, drink 6 to 8 glasses of water per day. We need water to aid digestion and keep our cells healthy. One problem that many seniors have is they start having bladder problems. They feel embarrassed and do not want to wear protective shields so they drink less water. This causes constipation and the need to take laxatives on a regular basis.


Often constipation is caused by an improper diet. If you suffer constipation on a regular basis you must change your diet. Change to eating more fruits and vegetables. They are softer and easier to digest and will help keep your bowel movement softer.


Often a mild laxative will relieve constipation and help shrink your hemorrhoids. Be careful to read the label carefully and follow all the directions.

Creams and Suppositories

You also can try over-the-counter creams and suppositories. Most are astringent and will help relive the symptoms of itching and rectal bleeding.

Natural Remedies.

There are natural herbs that are helpful in treating hemorrhoids. They include Witch Hazel, Horse Chestnut Butchers Broom and Aloe Vera. Each of these are natural astringents. They help reduce the itching and swelling from hemorrhoids.

Other Treatments.

There is the rubber band technique where you place a rubber band around the hemorrhoid to stop the blood flow and the hemorrhoid will fall off.

Try taking a warm bath and just soaking in the tub for at least 20 minutes. Ice packs also work well.

Common Sense Suggestions

Try not to strain when having a bowel movement. You can use a cushion on your toilet seat to relieve the pressure on your rectum. Don’t sit on the toilet seat too long.

Doctor Visit

If your condition persists see your specialist doctor for treatment. He/she may use injections to shrink your hemorrhoids. Finally, your doctor may do an operation in which he/she removes the hemorrhoids surgically.

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  1. How can I use rubber band technique to remove hemorrhoid

    1. The rubber band technique is done by a doctor for internal haemorrhoids. It's not something to be done at home. I suggest you eat lots of fruits and drink lots of water instead. Try the sitz bath as well for relief. But if the haemorrhoid is already sticking out of your anus, you should see a doctor quickly to prevent complications. I hope this was helpful.

    2. I have haemorrhoid since my childhood still now I cannot find right place to cure it,which drug can I used or were can I find in nigeria to cure?

    3. I surmise you may have chronic/relapsing haemorrhoids and you need to see doctor to determine if it is an internal or external haemorrhoid so appropriate care can be administered.
      You should also increase your fibre and water intake so your stools can be softer. For relief, use Anusol cream or suppositories till you see a doctor.

  2. I have external hemorrhoid. What will I do sir?

  3. I have external hemorrhoid. One came out before and another One want to join. The doctor said I should do surgery which am afraid of affecting my reproductive system. Pls kindly advice me More what to do.


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