Friday, 29 May 2015

Teen used CPR from 'Grey's Anatomy' to save a girl's life

Ashley Giron
2 year old Nygeana Civil fell over the window guard of an open three-storey window in Brooklyn on Wednesday.

Ashley Giron, 18, who helped save the little girl with CPR said she learnt the technique from watching “Grey’s Anatomy.”

She said she “dove right in” after she saw Nygeana Civil’s mother holding the girl and screaming.

“I had no thought but to help her,” Giron said. “I checked her pulse, the wrist and neck. I didn’t feel anything so I started CPR.”

Giron performed a series of chest compressions and gave the little girl mouth-to-mouth.

“After I stopped, after a few a seconds, she gasped for air,” the New Utrecht High School senior said. “It was such a relief.”

An FDNY official confirmed the child was breathing when EMS arrived and her condition is serious but stable.

So thank you "Grey's Anatomy"and all the awesome medical shows out there. I too have learnt a couple of things things from such shows; like a mnemonic 'MIDNITE' to group diseases under Metabolic, Infective, Drugs, Neurological, Immunological and Traumatic causes and it helped me in medical school.

Wishing the little girl a speedy recovery.

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