Monday, 4 May 2015

Soccer riot in Poland leaves one dead, 14 injured

A man died after being hit by a rubber bullet and 14 police officers were injured in clashes that erupted Saturday during a Polish league soccer match in the south of the country.

Supporters of the local Concordia Knurow team stormed onto the pitch during the first half against Ruch Radzionkow, with the home team trailing 4-1.

A 27-year-old man was struck by a rubber bullet on the neck when police fired at the attackers. More rioting broke out around the hospital, where the man died.

Tomasz Pitsch, deputy director of the Knurow hospital, said, “We are shaken by the fighting we witnessed,” which included stones and Molotov cocktails. “You can see the marks on the hospital walls.”

Fourteen riot police officers sustained burns and bruises — none life-threatening — said regional police spokesman Andrzej Gaska.

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