Wednesday, 13 May 2015

Raunchy Nurses Outfits By Chinese Company To Celebrate Nurses' Day

Yesterday May 12 was International Nurses Day - an annual occasion for the world to recognise the vital work that nurses do.

But one of China's biggest online retailers, Jing Dong, is under fire after choosing to honour the day with a promotion of a range of 'sexy' nurse outfits for discount prices of just 99p.

The inappropriate hijacking of the day extended to include a range of lingerie, vibrators and condoms. The tagline for the promotion, which appeared on the 'adult' section of the website, labelled the celebration: 'The day for caring sweetheart nurses.'

But the website was forced to remove the promotion before the international day even began, after debate raged across Chinese social media. A surgeon, who goes by the username @baiyishanmao, posted a screen grab of the promotion on Weibo, China's version of Twitter on Monday. 
The image has since been shared 13,986 times, and received 3,515 comments, as social media users expressed their outrage. 
His disgusted post read: 'Is this really the way Jing Dong celebrates International Nurses Day - to sell these products that insult all nurses? Jing Dong needs to apologise and deal with the matter properly! Until Jing Dong does so, I appeal, protest Jing Dong!' has since removed the promotion and apologised for the offensive marketing. Also, the website has issued a public apology on its Weibo account, calling the promotion 'inappropriate'.

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  1. I am 5'4" and 143# and usually wear medium. This lab coat may be my go-to brand in the future, provided they hold up okay in the wash, though there is no chance of shrinkage.


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