Saturday, 16 May 2015

OMG! Burundi protesters get shot in their hospital beds

The violent protests in Burundi over the third term bid by the president is getting worse by the day. So far an estimated 15 persons have died and several injured in clashes between supporters of the president and those of a senior army officer who attempted a coup to dethrone the president.

Dr Antoine, a surgeon at the Bumerec hospital in Bujumbura, described to Al Jazeera, how the hospital was attacked on Friday by policemen looking for injured supporters of the coup.

He said, "We received three patients and they were here in the emergency room after that moment we see a group of policemen arrive here and they began to shoot everywhere. Some patient were killed, one man was killed and the others were wounded seriously, and we do not know what they did with that."

He said hospitals in Burundi had never been attacked in any circumstances and was shocked to see his institution under fire.

Since the crisis began, at least 105,000 people are said to have fled to neighbouring Tanzania, Rwanda and the DR Congo according to the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR).

I think if patients are already being shot and killed in the hospital so early in the crisis, then early intervention is VERY necessary before it devolves into something more sinister than the last Burundi civil war in 1993 which lasted for almost 12 years.

This might just be the beginning of worse what's to come.

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