Tuesday, 19 May 2015

Nurse silences president's supporter with a cocktail of drugs

A male nurse at Federal Neuropsychiatric Hospital, Enugu, Nigeria has been placed on three months suspension  for allegedly injecting a patient and supporter of President Goodluck Jonathan with unprescribed drugs.

From all indications, the nurse, identified as Alozie Ejimadu must have really had it in for the president because he became so irritated by a patient whose mood was deflated by the president's loss at the March 28 presidential election, that he put the patient to sleep with several drugs.

He was caught after he ratted himself out on facebook.

The full post obtained by DAILY POST reads: “The announcement of presidential election has reached its crescendo to the point that one of my patient was crying saying that she is not happy because Jona failed election; I didn’t hesitate to silence her with injection Paraldehyde 10 ml stat, I’m chlorpromazine 150 mg and iv diazepam 20 mg stat. At least this will keep her sleeping till tomorrow when the final result must have been announced. Anybody who dare think like my patient will certainly receive a double of the injection I gave my patient…(ARA GBAKA KWA NDI ARA AHU- meaning those mad people should get mad the more).

A non-governmental organization, Centre for the Right of Psychiatric Patient, which was irked by the facebook post, petitioned the Board Chairman of the Hospital.

It was gathered that following petition, the Head of Clinical Services of the Hospital, in a letter dated May 07, 2015 sent the nurse packing.

The two-paragraph letter signed by Dr. Iteke O.C read, “I am directed by the Medical Director to interdict you for the next three months on half-salary starting from April 2015. You should stay away from clinical duties until after the investigation by Nursing Council of Nigeria on your internet posting of 30th March 2015 in which you claimed to have silenced a patient with diazepam, paraldehyde and chlorpromazine medications."

I guess it was not enough for him to just do it, he had to brag about it too. He probably thought he could get away with it. His poor patients can now heave a sigh of relief.

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