Saturday, 16 May 2015

NMA pleads with doctors to stop using stickers

The Nigerian Medical Association, Ekiti, has advised members to remove stickers of the union from their vehicles and stop wearing the emblem.

The Ekiti NMA Chairman, Dr John Akinbote, gave the advice at a press conference in Ado Ekiti on Thursday as a security tip to curtail kidnap and unwarranted attacks on doctors by kidnappers that have been operating in the state in the last two weeks.

Akinbote said, “We are also advising them to stop moving around at night because these people had the erroneous impression that we receive higher pay and that we can be profitable objects of  kidnap. This is responsible for why kidnappers were after us.

“They have to remove anything that could suggest that they are members of this association since we are the target,” he said.

Good idea---but I think they operate on more information than just identifying "stickers."

SOS Fayose!

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