Saturday, 30 May 2015

Nigerian nurse tried to "kill" another baby before Naomi

Oluyemisi Adebayo, the Nigerian nurse accused of killing a baby by submerging her in scalding water had recently been fired from from a previous job for almost giving the toddler in her care a deadly dose of medicine.

Her former employers, Danielle Bartell and Walter Marrero said they were in disbelief when they heard the news of her killing a baby two weeks after they fired her.

Bartell says that on April 7, she watched 54-year-old Oluyemisi Adebayo almost give her severely disabled 3-year-old Tyler what could have been a deadly dosage of narcotics. Bartell became hysterical and kicked Adebayo out.

The woman, who the family hired through Harry’s Nursing, had only been employed for four days. Bartell later found out that Adebayo had not kept track of what medicine she was giving the child.
But when Bartell went to the police, they told her that because the nurse never actually administered the drug, there was nothing police could do.

Just two weeks later, Adebayo had landed job taking care of another child. Owner of Harry’s Nursing told a reporter that he had “no control over his nurses” and that “he can’t discipline them.” He also said that Adebayo never did anything wrong, so he had no reason to hold her from future jobs.

Police say 23-month-old Naomi Mondesire was in the care of Adebayo at a home on Memphis Avenue in Queens at the end of April when the child was rushed to Nassau County Medical Centre with severe burns.

The baby later died a few days later on April 30 of second and third degree burns to her legs and left arm. While Adebayo said she checked the water with her hands first, investigators say the baby’s injuries were consistent with someone submerging her in a scalding hot 130 degree bath for 30 seconds. Adebayo was arrested while trying to flee the country for Nigeria.

With this, it seems reasonable to put Nurse Adebayo through a thorough psychiatric evaluation--- at least to understand the workings of her mind. The whole case smacks with gross negligence and perhaps a twisted mind.

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