Thursday, 21 May 2015

Nigeria: Health Workers Commence Strike

Yes, we have another strike action and this time it is the turn of the Nigerian Union of Allied Health professionals (NUAHP) comprising medical laboratory scientists, physiotherapists, dieticians, radiologists, optometrists and medical social service workers. 

The nationwide strike which commenced on Tuesday will be indefinite till all their demands are met by the Government.
Members of the NUAHP and JOHESU have been agitating for several issues ranging from implementation of ‎the agreed salary for all health professionals as done for doctors; the payment of arrears on skipping of CONHESS-10 and the appointment of health professionals as Chief Medical Directors.

Although in previous strikes, their demands were not met, the members are determined to have their way this time. 

However, with members of the union pitched against Nigerian Doctors, the 'drama' may never end as doctors may also be raring to go on a strike if the Government accedes to the Union's demands.

We just have to wait and see. BTW can't we all just get along.

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