Tuesday, 5 May 2015

Nigeria: Doctors and health workers under attack in Ekiti

Hospitals are no longer safe for health workers in Ekiti state after a spate of attacks by thugs and patients' relatives.

In a press conference on Monday, chairman of the National Medical Association (NMA Ekiti Chapter), Dr. John Akinbote asked for more protection for doctors and health workers from security agencies because they are "an endangered species." He also gave some instances of attacks on health workers.

Some members of the National Union of Road Transport Workers (NURTW) beat up a doctor at a General hospital in Efon for allegedly failing to attend to their injured colleague who was rushed to hospital on time.

In another scenario, some relatives beat a nurse in General Hospital, Aramoko, for not sitting with a patient. They also threatened to beat the doctor on duty who had to plead for his life to be spared and although the incident is over, the doctor is still receiving threat messages for reporting the matter at the appropriate quarters.

In the same General Hospital, Aramoko, members of  the NURTW threatened to beat up a doctor while treating a patient.

If Servicom works as it should, patients will be able to report their displeasure with services rendered at a hospital rather than using violence.

Hopefully the Government will pay attention to this call for protection and not wait till a life is lost --- to "condemn the attacks."

We need action not only words!

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