Sunday, 3 May 2015

Nigeria beats Baltimore in health care

Nigerians who live in urban areas have better health than teens in Baltimore. Hard to believe right. I was just as surprised but it must be true as the  Washington Post published a study  that says so.

Part of the article reads: "Poverty is a global problem, but how it affects young people’s sense of hope and well-being is not universal. Teenagers in Baltimore face poorer health and more negative outlooks than those in urban centers of Nigeria, India and China. That’s what we discovered in a study we published last year comparing the hardships and attitudes of teenagers in Baltimore to those in other economically distressed areas of Johannesburg, South Africa; Ibadan, Nigeria; Shanghai, China; and New Delhi, India. The study revealed that, for young people growing up in poverty, living in a high-income country mattered far less than the social support they receive in the immediate neighborhoods where they develop and grow."

From the study, adolescents in Baltimore and Johannesburg experienced the highest prevalence of health problems, including high levels of victimization, sexual violence, substance abuse, depression and PTSD. Importantly, adolescents in both of those sites also held the poorest perceptions about their communities.

The study concluded that strong social support and a sense of safety (from violence) is of utmost importance to the health of adolescents. 

I know Nigeria may not be the safest place to live but when it comes to family, social support and a happy outlook, you have a champ!

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