Friday, 8 May 2015

Nigeria: Asthmatic student's death provokes violent protest

Mayowa Alaran, a 200 Level student of Human Kinetics and Health Education in the University of Ibadan (UI) suffered an asthmatic attack during a viewing of the European Champions League match between Barcelona and Bayern Munich in a crowded Common Room on Wednesday night.
He was taken to the school's health centre by colleagues where he passed away.

His colleagues allege that he lost his life due to the late arrival of the ambulance and delayed treatment at the school health centre, sparking violent protests by his colleagues on Thursday in Ibadan.

They reportedly closed major roads,attacked journalists, passerbys' and anyone else who tried to record the protest. Phones as well as any form of recording equipment were destroyed. One reporter was reportedly kicked, dragged and had his clothes torn.

Despite police presence at the school's gate, the protests continued unabated. Just maybe-- there will be some measure of calm today.

Because asthma attacks can come up any time, it remains best to take your medications everywhere you go (if you suffer from asthma).

Also, daily peak expiratory flow rate (PEFR) recordings at home with your peak flow meter is very important in predicting the possibility of an attack and monitoring how well the asthma is under control. Peak flow meters are affordable and easily available, so please get one.

Don't get caught off guard by asthma--never ever leave home without your medication. 

A Professor once said, "most people who die from asthma are those who think they no longer require medication."

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