Friday, 15 May 2015

Mob of women burn a woman and her lover in India

A 16 year old girl, Parvati Kumari and her 36 year old lover were beaten and burnt to death this Wednesday, on the orders of the Panchayat of Amaitha village in Wazirganj (Gaya) district, India. 

The couple had eloped together; most likely to escape the wrath that might follow their illicit 6 month old relationship. They were caught at a train station.

36 year old Jairam Manjhi was married with 3 kids when he started seeing Parvati who was a close friend of his brother-in-law's daughter ( some reports say she was the niece of the lover's wife).

Parvati's family were part of a mob which consisted mainly of women who mercilessly beat the couple to death with sticks and stones, then burnt the bodies  on a pyre to destroy the evidence with villagers watching helplessly.

6 people including Parvati's father have been charged for the killings but only one arrest has been made.

In India, this type of killing is known as 'honour killing' wherein couples whose families or community disapprove of their relationship are targeted. Although there's a death penalty for offenders, these sort of killings still persist.

My thoughts: why are humans this cruel? 

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