Wednesday, 6 May 2015

Man transforms into a "monster" with surgery (Graphic Pics)

Most people would do anything to look better and some go as far as using surgery to get results . Obviously, Henry Damon didn't get the memo.

The terrifying Venezuelan man’s personal icon is Captain America villain the Red Skull, that deformed Nazi maniac responsible for acts of horrific genocide. To look more like the fascist supercriminal, Damon has had dermal implants in his forehead and scleral tattooing to make his eyes featureless black pits. The big thing, though, is the nose: our new Skull had the front section removed, leaving two ragged, vertical nostrils. Throw in red skin tattooing all over his face and you’ve got a guy seriously committed to villainy.

The pics are not new but I just saw them and thought to share. (Warning - Graphic Pictures).

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