Saturday, 9 May 2015

IVF gets energy boost to reduce failure rates

About a month ago, Zain Rajani became the first baby in the world to be conceived by a new in vitro fertilization (IVF) treatment--Augment IVF.

The procedure involves energizing a woman's eggs with mitochondria from her own egg precursor cells gotten from the surface of her ovaries to recharge her 'old' ova--just  like recharging a battery to make it work better.

Zain's parents, Natasha and Omar Rajani, had spent four years trying everything to conceive a child — fertility drugs, time-intensive treatments and traditional IVF — but nothing worked until their doctor recommended Augment IVF.

They were treated at TCART Fertility Partners in Toronto, the only clinic in North America offering the treatment.

In an Augment IVF procedure, the mitochondria of cells that line the surface of a mother's ovaries are  extracted (these cells are the egg precursor cells)and added to the mother's older eggs to re-energize them. In a cell, the mitochondria is responsible for generating energy for cell function.

The energized eggs are then able to get to the day 5 stage or the blastocyst stage, where the embryo can implant.

This new method may just be the answer for couples who have spent a lot of money on IVF without achieving conception.

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