Wednesday, 6 May 2015

ISIS Opens A Hotel With Excellent Reviews

The Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) have reopened a five-star luxury hotel in Iraq to be used for its commanders. According to reports made by local media, the group has reopened the Ninawa Hotel in Mosul, Iraq.

The 262 room hotel located in Iraq's second largest city was originally forced shut by ISIL, alongside all other hotels in lands it has captured in both Iraq and Syria. As reported by, an Arab news site, the hotel will be made available for visiting ISIL commanders, but it will also extend its practices and cater weddings.

Prior to the seizure of the hotel by ISIL, TripAdvisor had published numerous positive reviews of the hotel, including one user calling it "one of the best hotels in Iraq." Others also raved about the hotel being "very suitable for a family meet," and it was also recommended for its "affordable room rate."

The images below were published online showing members of the Islamic State redecorating the hotel for guests - and wedding catering opportunities. There are also images of colourful balloons floating through the air and ISIL's black flag waving on the hotel grounds as the hotel reopens.

This is surprising to say the least.

Source - News Hub

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