Friday, 1 May 2015

Indian doctor commits suicide over homosexual husband's cruelty

A female doctor working at All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS), allegedly killed herself in a hotel room in Paharganj late on Saturday after naming her “homosexual” husband in a suicide note she left on her Facebook page. The 34-year-old husband, also a doctor at AIIMS, was arrested on Sunday.

According to her Facebook post, the doctor was unhappy with her husband of five years for being a “homosexual”. On Saturday at 2.24 pm, she posted on Facebook about how he had been treating her cruelly. She also categorically claims in the post that she had discovered and was mentally tortured by the fact that her husband was homosexual.

“If someone in the society is like him please don’t marry to a girl to save yourself, you people by doing so not playing only with someone emotions also with a girl and her family’s life (sic),” she wrote.

According to police,  she had checked into a hotel in Paharganj around 12.30 pm on Saturday. “She had had a fight with her husband. She then checked into the hotel and called up her parents to tell them that she was not well,” said a senior police officer. He said the parents panicked and called up her AIIMS colleagues, who informed the police. They frantically began looking for her but discovered her body around 2.30 am, the officer said.

“When we reached the hotel, we saw the victim lying in a pool of blood. One of her wrists was slit, which may be self-inflicted. There was a used syringe lying by her side, which suggests she might have injected something into her body. All the evidence has been sent for forensic examination,” the officer said.

A suicide note was also found by her side, police said. A few of her belongings, such as a mobile phone and purse, were also found in the room.

Police said a probe has been ordered into her death. Police have arrested her husband on the basis of theFacebook post she had left a few hours before her death, in which she had named him.

“We arrested the husband under section 498 b (husband or relative of husband of a woman subjecting her to cruelty) and 304 a (causing death by negligence) of the IPC. The woman’s body has been sent for a post mortem and investigations are on,” DCP (Central) Paramaditya said.

Police said the woman doctor, who was from Jaipur, worked in the anaesthesia department of AIIMS. Her husband, also from Rajasthan, is a dermatologist. They lived in the AIIMS doctor’s quarters. Theirs was an arranged marriage.

Poor woman!

Source- Indian Express

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