Friday, 8 May 2015

Hugh Jackman Talks About Having Skin Cancer On Dr Oz Show

Hugh Jackman 'Wolverine star' on the special 1000 edition of the Dr Oz show opened up about finding out he had skin cancer.

Jackman recalled how it was first detected by his makeup artist who said, "You’ve got a little spot of blood, here on your nose’ and he replied ‘Yeah, I know it was from a fight sequence and I knocked it somehow.’ And trust me, for 17 years I’ve played Wolverine and I’ve had more scraps and cuts … I’m very clumsy with those claws."

He also said playing in the sun without wearing sunscreen as a kid, increased his risk of having skin cancer, inspiring  him to make a line of animation characters decorated sunscreen for kids.

Dr Michael Albom who diagnosed Jackman with basal cell carcinoma in 2013 was also on the show to discuss how he used less aggressive methods of cancer treatment in managing the cancer.

Jackman has had about four skin cancers removed in the last 18 months — three from his nose and one from his shoulder, and the cancer.

Basal cell carcinoma (BCC) is usually a benign skin cancer that arises from basal cells. It has an excellent prognosis if detected early, but if the disease is allowed to progress, it can increase its severity.

I'm glad it was caught early!

By the way, his new Wolverine film will be the last in the series. We sure will miss the action figure.

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