Saturday, 9 May 2015

For the love of chewing tobacco

Smoking cigarettes is bad; so what could be worse?  Chewing tobacco.

It may seem like there's no real danger in chewing tobacco after all,  there's no smoke involved --wrong.
Tobacco chewing is just as addictive as smoking and even more so; containing 3-4 times as much nicotine as cigarettes and 28 known carcinogens.

People who chew tobacco are prone to developing oral cancer, heart disease, diabetes, gum disease as well as cancers of the intestinal tract.

Still not convinced tobacco is dangerous, meet Gruen von Behrens. When he was 17 years old, he developed mouth cancer as a result of chewing tobacco for four years, and his lower jaw, half his tongue and some of his neck muscles had to be removed. He has dedicated himself to inspiring others to stop chewing tobacco.

Gruen von Behrens
Please quit chewing tobacco and if you have a loved one who does, encourage them to quit.

To help you quit, you can use nicotine patches or gum, go for counselling. Also, try chewing on food
substitutes such as gum and nuts.

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