Saturday, 2 May 2015

Father burns his own daughter

A man intentionally put his 9 month old daughter in scalding hot water, then left her to suffer severe burns before seeking medical attention.
 William Schmuhl, 24, did this in the presence of the girl's mother in a Fredericksburg hotel, Spotsylvania according to prosecutors.

What made the case more horrifying for investigators is that William Schmuhl and family were staying at a motel that was “within walking distance” of Mary Washington Emergency Room, where the couple would eventually take the infant several hours after the incident occurred.

Investigators were summoned by hospital staff after a nine-month-old child was brought to the ER suffering from extensive immersion-type burns, common to dipping the child into scalding hot water. The child was stabilized and subsequently transferred to another medical Center  for advanced burn treatment and possible surgery.

The child is still fighting for her life as Schmuhl faces charges that “could be upgraded” from felony child abuse if she fails to survive.

William has a previous history of child abuse involving the 4 month old son of an ex-girlfriend.

Plain wicked!

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