Monday, 4 May 2015

Doctor punches patient 10 times as part of treatment

A leading facial surgeon, Professor Ninian Peckitt has lost his licence after he punched a patient in the face repeatedly during treatment to correct a fractured cheekbone.

Although the punches did not cause serious harm to the patient, the case is before a tribunal which heard Prof Peckitt asked a colleague to hold the anaesthetised man’s head and struck him up to 10 times "like a boxer".

The man - known only as Patient A - had suffered serious injuries in an industrial accident which required facial surgery, but two weeks later a cheekbone became displaced when he fell out of a hospital bed in February 2012.

Prof Peckitt, 63, who was working as an honorary locum consultant in oral and maxillo-facial surgery at Ipswich Hospital, undertook both procedures.

The tribunal heard how the surgeon was attempting to reduce the fracture when he unexpectedly curled his hand into a fist, pulled it back around six inches and struck the patient’s face.

An experienced colleague who was observing Prof Peckitt’s techniques was then instructed to hold the patient's head, and he was struck again.

She said there were “gasps” from others in the operating theatre and she was left in a state of "total shock."

In his defence, Peckitt said, “I’m not accepting that I punched the patient. But I am saying that I manually reduced the fracture because he was not fit for surgery.”

I think he had good intentions but used a "different" method.

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