Friday, 1 May 2015

Doctor accused of placing penis in patient's hands

 A WOMAN patient told a jury that her GP placed his penis three times into her hand during a treatment in his surgery.

The woman, now aged 37, said that Dr Habeeb Latheef was giving her a sensitivity test for her stiff neck and headache when the incident happened, a court was told.

She said the 48 year old GP was standing behind her and she had her hands behind her back when she said he placed different objects into her hand.

She told Taunton Crown Court that he placed a Biro in her hand, a key and his finger…and his penis.

Under cross examination the mum of two said she recognised the difference between a penis and a pen.

Three women patients claim the Indian doctor did the same thing to them between February 2008 and December 2011.

The last victim of the alleged sex assaults told the court: "On the first occasion I could not believe what was happening.

"I was sure what it was he placed in my hand. I was just shocked that was happening."

She said when it happened for the third time she turned round but did not see his manhood.

"He was zipping his trousers. I heard the zip."

The patient said feared for her safety in the virtually empty Hendford Medical Centre surgery in Yeovil, Somerset, and was worried "something could happen to me".

The woman - who was wearing just her bra after she removed her tight fitting top so Latheef could take her blood pressure – said she was always told to do what a doctor tells you.

When she demanded to know what Latheef had put in her hand, the medic replied: "That was my finger."

The Yeovil woman said she contacted police about the sexual assault less than an hour after her appointment.

Earlier she said that she found the GP very professional and recommended him to her friends because "he always helped with any problems".

The jury has been told that two more women then came forward with identical accounts.

Latheef denies three charges of sexual assault.

Source- North Devon Journal UK

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