Friday, 8 May 2015

Cop breaks a black man's jaw with a kick

Police officer Thomas Webster kicked a black man in the face during an arrest. 

Webster and one other officer were responding to a caller claiming to have seen a man armed with a gun in Delaware, US. 
Thomas Webster
During the arrest, Webster is seen kicking the suspect in the head, rendering him unconscious, according to a police statement. The suspect was later transported to a local hospital to be treated for a broken jaw, caused while he was being arrested.

Dover Police Department officials explained that an investigation was conducted into the incident when it initially occurred in November 2013.

See the video (kick at 1:03 mark) below:
Webster has been charged with assault and is facing a 2nd grand jury for the charge of assault 2 degree.

Last week, a white police officer, Brian Moore, 25, pictured below, was shot in the face by an ex-con in Demetrius Blackwell, in Queens Village. He died in Jamaica Hospital after emergency brain surgery.

Demetrius Blackwell was reportedly approached by Officer Brian Moore and his partner in an unmarked police car on Saturday night after he was seen adjusting his waistband suspiciously.

As the plainclothes officers exchanged words with him, Blackwell allegedly turned and fired at least twice without warning, hitting Moore. The cop's colleague, Officer Erik Jansen, then radioed for help.
This senseless violence has got to end.

May Officer Moore's soul rest in peace! 

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