Friday, 8 May 2015

Breast milk for eye infections

Jackie Aina, popular makeup artist and YouTuber of MakeupGameOnPoint is an ardent advocate of using breast milk to treat eye infections. She shared the tip in a beauty hack video to her followers.

Well, she was on The Drs show last night and was told the dangers of using breast milk to treat eye infections by Dr Travis and other doctors on the show.

They said, HIV, hepatitis B and other infections can be transmitted through breast milk, so if you use breast milk from an untrusted source, you could get infected when the milk comes in contact with your eyes."

They added, poorly stored breast milk can harbour harmful bacteria which can make the infection worse.

After poking so many holes in Aina's DIY treatment, the doctors did praise her for being creative. All the same, do think twice before using breast milk to treat a pink eye.

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