Thursday, 7 May 2015

Breast Imaging: 3D Tomosynthesis Proves Better Than Mammography

There's a "better kid" on the block for imaging the breast, and it is the digital breast tomosynthesis (DBT) technique. It is proving far better at detecting cancer than mammography and is more comfortable.

The new technique (DBT) is able to take a rotating array of x-ray images from several different angles, creating a 3D composite image of the breast without compressing the breast; eliminating the discomfort women suffer during mammography.

Results from a Swedish study showed the new imaging technique was able to detect 40 percent more of breast cancers, while using less radiation than the standard mammography.

For the study, 7500 women from Malmö, Sweden were asked to take both a routine mammogram as well as undergo a digital breast tomosynthesis (DBT), and six radiologists with an average amount of 26 years’ experience in breast radiology were asked  to examine the women’ screening results.

They found the DBT method detected 67 cancers compared to the 47 cancers detected via mammogram. 21 cancers were solely detected by DBT where mammograms had failed to notice anything; 17 of which were considered invasive (1 cancer was solely detected via mammogram).  DBT was also able to detect tumour in both fatty and dense breast tissue.

However, as exciting as this new screening method sounds, it may take 5-10 years before it is available on a large scale.

And we'll be waiting....eagerly. Smiles*

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