Monday, 18 May 2015

ALERT! Fake MAC Products

You  need to be extra-careful when buying cosmetics for your health and beauty sake. 

A recent police investigation in Britain found a ton of fake cosmetics from leading makeup and cosmetic brands such as MAC and Urban Decay containing dangerous levels of toxic chemicals such as  lead, mercury and even cyanide. 

The cosmetics were made in dirty underground laboratories by criminal gangs in Eastern Europe and China and sold through websites including eBay and Amazon.

Using these products puts you at risk of suffering severe allergic reactions as well as long-term health problems such as heart, brain and nerve damage. 

One victim was left fearing for her eyesight when she bought cosmetics from an online company she later discovered was based in China.

Within minutes of applying the fake Urban Decay eye shadow Katie Brown from Cheshire found her eyelids had swollen and her eyesight became so blurry she feared she was going blind.
‘I realised it was fake as soon as I opened it,' she said. ‘The package looked slightly different and the mirror was a bit wonky, like you might see in a fairground.’

The fake products were also discovered to contain high levels of lead, arsenic, mercury, copper and cadmium. The fake MAC contained 19 times as much lead.

Heavy metals use have been linked to health problems ranging from allergic reactions and skin sensitivity to nerve disorders and even death.

Excessive levels of lead can cause high blood pressure, fertility problems, memory and concentration problems and increased risk of harm to the foetus during pregnancy.

The fraudsters also produce sun cream, which looks exactly like the real thing but, shockingly, offers no protection against harmful UV rays.

As well as top cosmetic brands, other popular counterfeit items are Christian Dior face cream, Estee Lauder night cream and Dove soap and shower gel.

According to dermatologists, use of the counterfeit cosmetics triggered a number of skin conditions in the users.

An alert has been issued on these cosmetics, so do be wary. As much as possible, buy your cosmetics from an accredited dealer and stay away from great bad bargains that can hurt you in the long run.

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