Saturday, 18 April 2015

Yaba Psychiatric Health Workers On Strike

Health professionals working at the Federal Neuro-Psychiatric Hospital Yaba, Lagos, under the aegis of the Joint Health Sectors Union (JOHESU), Yaba branch, began a seven- day warning strike on Wednesday.

The strike will mean that all health workers, including psychiatric nurses, medical social workers, medical laboratory scientists, pharmacists and medical radiographers at the hospital will not be attending to patients in need of psychiatric and neurological care.

Yaba Psychiatric Hospital JOHESU Chairman, Mr. Uzundu Eke, explained that since 2010, the Federal Government had refused to pay the sum of N388 million being owed as promotion arrears to the health workers.

Yaba branch of JOHESU Secretary, Mr. Abioye Omoyemi, added that the same arrears have been paid to all JOHESU members in federal hospitals in Lagos, and wondered why the case of those in the psychiatric hospital was different.

Omoyemi, therefore, called on the president to intervene in the matter to save patients from the suffering that may follow the strike. On the issue of privatization of Total Diagnostic Centre, Eke said the Federal Neuro-Psychiatric Hospital Yaba, has the capacity to manage the diagnostic centre for the best interest of the patients, adding that having the centre managed by the private sector would be at the detriment of patients who will not be able to afford the exorbitant cost of the centre.

Source- The Guardian

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