Sunday, 19 April 2015

Xenophobia or Racism?

South Africans in arms killing blacks like them is called xenophobia but whites killing blacks is called racism.
In a country that spent one of the longest periods under colonialism, one would expect the people to have a tolerance and sympathy for those that are deemed weaker or smaller especially with revered examples like Nelson Mandela. But no, South Africans don't care.

'Unarmed' black men are shot under suspicious circumstances in America and the world is outraged, black people feel terribly oppressed but a black man can do the same to a fellow black.

My question is, what if  Americans, Canadians, Australians and other developed countries wake up and decide to kill blacks boldly just like South Africans?

If blacks can feel reasonably safe in the UK and Italy, owning jobs and houses without fear of being attacked, why can't it be the same in South Africa? This is as close as it can get to terror in my opinion- using violent acts to frighten people to achieve a goal.

How can we shout racism when we are just as comfortable killing each other? 

We hate ourselves then get angry for not being accepted by other races. This is more than xenophobia and really sad for Africans.

#Africa #preachlovenothate #truthbetold

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