Sunday, 19 April 2015

Doctors forced to become labourers and pick cotton

In Uzbekistan, doctors as well as teachers were forced to pick cotton from the fields during the 2014 cotton harvest. After cutting back on child labour following international outcry, the government used doctors against their will and without pay to fill the vacuum created.

As many as one million public servants were forced into the fields according to a Uzbek-German Forum for Human Rights (UGF).

"Schools and health clinics cannot function with so many staff sent to pick cotton," said Nadejda Atayeva, president of the Association for Human Rights in Central Asia.

"Students cannot receive the quality of education that they deserve, and medical care is inaccessible to people, even when they are very ill."

The Uzbekistan government under President Islam Karimov (who has ruled for over two decades) is notorious for enslaving its citizens and comes 2nd in the Global Slavery Index of 2014.

It's really shocking he made doctors pick cotton like labourers. However, it's a good thing child labour is over in that country.

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