Tuesday, 14 April 2015

Viral Video Teaches 'Never Stop Till You Win'

Don't stop till you win is a lesson this guy learnt albeit the hard way. Tanguy Pepiot, a steeplechase runner for the University of Oregon, was so confident he was going to win the race after establishing a clear lead that he slowed down to gesture the crowd to cheer him.

That was a costly mistake. He lost the race in a matter of seconds to his rival Meron Simon.

Just like that in life we often get so comfortable that we forget to keep fighting for what we worked and prayed so hard to achieve. And like that we slip to second place or lose it altogether.

Watch the video below.

Lesson-  Always remember to keep fighting and working hard  to stay on top. Don't get distracted by temporary or half victories in any area of your life.

Win, Win, Win all the way!


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