Monday, 20 April 2015

Update on Eko Hospital 'Building of deaths'

Remember the viral article written by Olabanji Olusanya on Eko hospital, it wasn't entirely false and the hospital has since responded on its website. However, the family remains unsatisfied with the explanations.

The family lawyer, Oluwashina Ogungbade of the Afe Babalola & Co Chambers as well as another family friend, Adeniyi Ogunneye, corroborated the traumatic experience of the Adesanyas at the EKO Hospitals saying, "there is sufficient evidence to prove that late Dolapo was medically traumatised and abandoned to die prematurely."

Meanwhile, her colleagues have opened a public campaign to collect 2000 signatures to forward a petition to the Medical and Dental Council of Nigeria (MDCN). At press time, a total of 1433 signatories have signed the petition opened on community petitions while another 780 are on facebook, 198 on twitter handle and 252 emails sent.

Debunking claims that she must had suffered complications of breast cancer, a family friend Dr Adebimpe Lawal said, "Dolapo was with me some six months ago in the UK and she stayed in my house for about three days. She was not looking sick or showed signs of breast cancer as being alleged in the media that she was diagnosed or had a lump removed in 2012."

According to her, "her breast engorgement experience of 2012, which she rightly informed me about then, was due to baby not feeding well on one of the breasts. She actually developed abscess, which is common in new mothers when baby does not suck well and is not in any way related to breast lump.

"My friend did not complain of breast lump which of course is different from breast engorgement; she would have told me about that first before anybody and in any case, we still saw last November that is six months ago when she came with her children on a shot vacation and stayed in my house for three days.

"If truly she had breast cancer since 2012 without treatment, medically, there would have been some signs and in four years; breast cancer without treatment would have been obvious to all; she was healthy, going to work, doing her normal chores and busy schedules as working mother till March 31 when things started going wrong; definitely, there is some cover up here and we demand answers from EKO Hospital.

"Dolapo's death was honestly avoidable, needless and unfortunate," Dr Lawal told Saturday Independent.

This must be every family and doctor's nightmare. May her soul rest in peace.

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