Saturday, 18 April 2015

Study claims 'poor kids' have smaller brains than rich kids

A group of researchers from the Ivy League, Columbia University say poor kids have smaller brains than children form rich families.

 In their study of 100 children, they found the cerebral cortex of children whose families earned less than $25000 (4.7 million naira) a year had a 6 percent lesser surface area than children whose parents earned $150000 (28.5 million Naira) or more.

An MRI used to scan the children's brains showed the reduced density in the temporal and occipital lobe, areas of the brain which are essential for vision, hearing, memory and language comprehension.

A separate study by neuroscientists from MIT confirmed the same results in addition to a previous study that found poor children were 6 IQ points below their rich peers.

On the upside, the researchers said nothing suggests these changes are permanent.

And I agree. Afterall, men like Ben Carson, the neurosurgeon are proof being born into a poor family can't affect the brain for long.

We can't choose our families but we can choose how we end up.

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  1. Ha Ha Ha Ha Are they serious at Columbia, I know research there was getting sloppy years ago, but this is ridiculous. -


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