Thursday, 9 April 2015

Scrotal Injury Over A Bad Job

A man has admitted to ripping another man’s scrotum with a metal hook after he thought a concreting job wasn’t up to scratch.

Stephen John Docherty, 66, pleaded guilty to wounding with intent when he appeared at in the Whakatane District Court on Wednesday, NZ media reported.

According to police Mr Docherty hired the victim to complete concrete works at his property.
At around 3.30pm on March 17 Mr Docherty was agitated when he returned to find the work wasn’t carried out to his specifications.

At the time, the victim was not on the work site but a contractor told Mr Docherty he would be back shortly.He told the contractor he would rip the man’s penis off. Once the victim returned, the two men got in a heated argument.

Mr Docherty then repeated that he would rip the man's genitals off. He then returned with a 15 centimetre long hook that had been fashioned from a steel rod.

Mr Docherty proceeded to grip the hook and reach it down past the victim's crotch. He then abruptly pulled the hook up causing it to tear into the mans pants and scrotum.The victim’s scrotum was torn and he required surgery after the attack.

Mr Docherty said he lost control of his temper in the heat of the moment. He was remanded on bail and will await a hearing on June 12

Culled from Dailymail.

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