Saturday, 25 April 2015

New test detects ovarian cancer early

Maryam Babangida, Nigeria's former First Lady, died aged 61 from ovarian cancer on 27 December 2009 in a Los Angeles, California hospital.

Ovarian cancer causes more deaths than any other cancer of the female reproductive system even though it only accounts for 3% of cancers among women. Why? Because it was always detected late with the usual diagnostic tests.

That's about to change with the PARSORTIX system - made by the medical technology company, ANGLE PLC.

The system is able to detect 80% of new ovarian cases and 78% of relapse ( patients who previously suffered ovarian cancer) compared with the 24.5% sensitivity of  other circulating rumour cell systems. Not only that, the system has a 71% sensitivity for metastatic breast cancer patients.

The results have been published by the Medical University of Vienna.

This new system has been described as 'exciting' by health professionals and will definitely reduce female mortality from a disease that was detected only in advanced stages.

If this test was out 8 years ago, it could have saved Maryam's life.

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